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Tokyo bicycle parking tower – Eco Cycle

Posted in Architecture by kyingism on 三月 12, 2009

*0* 亞美星!!

A combined underground and overground covered bicycle park serving Sakai-gun train station.
Parking is provided for up to 1700 bicycles, 1440 underground and 260 at ground level.
Access to the facility is open with parking controlled by prepaid access control cards.
Parking furniture consists of both zigzag tier racks (ground level) and automated (i.e. crane operated)
underground tower ECO Cycle booth units.

The facility is staffed between 0700-2000 daily, there is CCTV to guard the facility.
The bike park is 24hrs and charges are from a daily fee of ¥100 (£0.50) tier racks only to ¥2000 (£10) a month non students.

Mitaka Ward

Designer / Architect
GIKEN 1 – 3 – 28 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135 – 0063, Japan

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就算有的, 地方不多, 市容不潔


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