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Excellence design of Outlet & Plug

Posted in Products by kyingism on 八月 1, 2009

Metaphys Node power outlet

Folding Plug H 264 , designed by Min Kyo Choi


Cases for Mac Book Pro

Posted in Products by kyingism on 二月 5, 2009

Bag-Kaku @ Monacca

設計師島村卓實 (Takumi Shimamura)
紐約MOMA 也見其蹤跡

為延續環保精神,monacca將所得1%捐募給「千年之森基金」Millennium forest fund,作為培育森林之用。

仲有其他colour, 雖然3年前出的…但我都想買個…

另外Monacca 還推出了這部…


Wooden Laptop Case with leather lining and magnetic closing device for Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro 15inch.
220 euro …囧


Mac Case by Eno Setiawan
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